You have a goal for life, your business, your fitness or your health. You decide on that goal. You plan the steps that will lead you to that goal. Then…you fall into old, bad habits for a myriad of reasons (life, the kids, work, stress…you get the gist). You then decide that enough is enough. You’re putting your foot down. You’re sick and tired of not committing and getting results.

So what do you do? You recommit to your goal, naturally. You plan the steps that will lead you there with no deviations. With hard work and determination, you will succeed. You know it. This time is the time. And then life gets in the way and the perfect plan you had for achieving your goal has gone to heck. You throw your hands up in desperation and defeat, probably make a few grunting noises, and give up (again). And that, my friends, is the problem.

Why is it that we give up so darn easily when something gets in the way of achieving our goals? Life happens, and it happens to us all. Things will get in the way no matter what precautions we try to take. But there are people who succeed despite the setbacks and the unknowns. They trudge their way through the stuff that comes up. Sometimes it’s with ease, and other times it’s painstakingly treacherous. But the more they work toward their goals despite the setbacks, the easier it becomes to continue on. And they continue through the good and the bad because they know that the end result will be worth it. You have the power to be one of those people. You just need to commit, and commit fully, to what you want to achieve.

So the next time you’re ready to give up because things haven’t been going the way you’d like them to, make sure you think about your goal, why you want to achieve it and what it would mean to you to get there. The journey is never easy, and the lessons you learn along the way are part of the trip. Know you can be successful. And keep moving along, no matter how slowly, because even if you’re moving slowly, you’ll still get there.