Alright, ladies and gents…This is the last day of week 3. You’re 21 days in. And it’s time for a little tough love.
At this point, you’re in one of two camps:
1. You’ve been setting mini-goals and taking action on them so that you reach your ultimate goal. (Maybe you decided that you’d work out 3 days/week and you’ve hit that goal for the last three weeks. Way to go! Maybe you decided that you are going to trade one sugary beverage per day for one glass of water per day, and you stuck to it. Awesome!)
2. You’ve hit a few snags on the way. You got pretty busy and couldn’t find the time to squeeze in a workout. Or maybe you just couldn’t avoid that chocolate/ice cream/cake at a work or family party. Then you think, “Eh, forget it. I’ll just start next week.” Or even worse, “Ugh! This is what always happens! I’m good for the first week, and then one thing ruins my routine and I’m done. I’ll just start it up again next week.” But you don’t because the more times you push it off, the easier it gets to not commit again. (Of course with feelings of guilt – sometimes worthlessness – which are awful feelings.) Sound familiar?

The good thing about both situations is that you can start today. You can start now. You can decide (at any point) that you’re worth the effort of taking some time for yourself to do something good for your body (because you are!). You CAN prioritize 10 minutes out of the day to work out. You CAN make healthier choices. You can do whatever it is you want – you’re an adult. But one thing is for sure…You can do THIS! So no matter which camp you’re in, you have the next 10 days to focus, make the commitment, and follow through!
So…What are you committing to for the next 10 days? Please share below to keep yourself accountable!