Hi ladies and gents! Here’s the Day 29 workout. This is a workout that will get you nice and sweaty…what a great way to start the week! It’s 14 minutes long, and will test your determination and grit. If you can, try to repeat it once or twice, or pair it with another one of your favorite challenge workouts. As always, let me know how you do!

You’ll see in the video that I filmed it at the hotel we were staying at over the weekend. I made the time (It was a priority for me!), and I found a patio just outside of the indoor pool and set up shop there. I had to put the tripod I have on a lounge chair and the wind may have been bouncing it around a little. I hope you don’t get sea sick :/ It was a beautiful day, albeit a little windy, but you deal with it when you have to, right? Some kids were smushing their faces up to the glass, staring, while I was working out and had some parents staring at me like I was crazy, but that’s alright. I got in a good workout, and hopefully you feel the same after doing it. I guess not that many people film workouts on the windy patio while away for the weekend. Weird. 😉

And here’s the workout:


Day 29 Cardio (45 seconds active/15 seconds rest) ~14 minutes

  1. High Knees
  2. Pendulum Hops
  3. Star Jacks
  4. Plie Jumps
  5. Fast Feet
  6. Heel Tap Squat Jumps
  7. Crab Toe Touches
  8. Sumo Squat Hop – Tap right, tap left, hop
  9. Bridge Hopper R
  10. Bridge Hopper L
  11. Box Jump R
  12. Box Jump L
  13. Mountain Climbers
  14. Tuck Jump Burpees

*Injury disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program. Any person using this video assumes full risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises in this video.