Hi ladies! Here’s the workout for today. It’s all about the core, and it’s a toughie. By the end, your abs will be on fire! There are 10 exercises, and you’ll do each one for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest in between. If you can, try to repeat this workout once or twice, or pair it with another challenge workout or workout from my YouTube channel, Phoenix Wellness. And, as always, let me know how you do!

Day 16: Core (45 seconds active/15 seconds rest) 10 minutes

  1. Low Plank Leg Raise
  2. Leg Scissors
  3. Superman Swimmers
  4. Temple Tap Abs
  5. Toe Tap Crunch
  6. Side Plank Hip Lift R
  7. Side Plank Hip Lift L
  8. Plank Foot Tap R
  9. Plank Foot Tap L
  10. High Plank

*Injury disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program. Any person using this video assumes full risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises in this video.