Hello, ladies! Here’s the Meal Prep Guide for this week. Remember to read through the first page as it tells you how to approach the Meal Guides and planning your meals for the week. (For example, you might not want to make all 6 recipes…pick and choose. Maybe make 1 or 2 this week and then go from there!) There are 6 recipes – one breakfast, two main meals, two side dishes and one snack/dessert. Don’t forget that starting to meal prep is a process. You don’t have to go all-in at once! If you have one thing prepped, it’s better than nothing, and once you find out how nice it is to have something at the ready, you might be encouraged to add something else the next week.

If you have any questions on substitutions (or anything else), please let me know. And don’t forget that most of the recipes are very versatile,so you can substitute ingredients for ones you like/have on hand.

Also, if you make any of the dishes feel free to post pictures! You just might inspire someone else to make a dish, too. You can also share what you might have changed to fit your and your family’s needs. I love it when you take recipes and make them better. 🙂

Happy prepping!

Meal Prep Guide 1 – LY