Hi! I’m Ellen Sekuterski, and I’m a 36-year old mom and wife who believes everyone has the right to be happy and healthy. I started out my adult life as a high-school Spanish teacher and realized along the way that, although I’m a teacher at heart, I wanted to inspire, motivate and encourage others to become the best version of themselves that they can be, and to get exactly what they want out of life.

Over the years, I have felt lost and have struggled to find myself. I was unhappy and unhealthy despite having a caring family (Enter: guilt. Did I even have the right to feel that way seeing as though I had a supportive family?). I felt as though I was drowning with all of the tasks that being a wife and working mom carries along with them.

I know what it’s like to feel out of control and as if you’re giving every piece of yourself away daily. I know what it feels like to have so many roles in life that you aren’t able to know who you even are anymore, much less enjoy yourself – you know, the “you” who was there before adult responsibilities got in the way. And I know how difficult it is to make the time and space in life to take care of yourself. But I also know that you’re worth it.

For those reasons, I became a Health Coach. I realized how important it is to remind people that they deserve to take care of themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love helping people change their lives in small but significant ways so that they can be happy and healthy. I have a passion for helping people realize how strong they are, that they are in control of their lives and can do what they want in order to feel purposeful, healthy and happy. I love what I do, and I’d love to help you on your journey and to feel in control of your life once again!

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