I’m so excited to help you create the life you want to live! I want you to feel happy and healthy every day, and I want you to have time to enjoy the things you love, are passionate about, and make you feel fulfilled.

I’m so glad you’re here and that you’ve taken the first step to becoming healthier, happier and regaining control over your life! Together, we will find your ideal combination of food and movement, along with self-love and care.  As a Health Coach, I am here to support you and guide you through wellness and nutrition counseling, and to help ease you into the lifestyle you want to live. Regaining control over your life and getting healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I meet you where you are on your journey, and we go from there.

Individual Sessions

At Your Pace
  • If you’re looking for a few quick tips to feel healthier, some snack or meal ideas, or just overall inspiration? Then this 1:1 is for you!
  • One 45-minute session
  • Phone/Skype
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Healthy Jumpstart

3 Month Program
  • If you want to jumpstart your health journey and need some guidance and accountability, this is the program for you! These sessions will leave you motivated and inspired.
  • 6 bi-weekly sessions
  • 45 minutes each session
  • Accountability
  • Phone/Skype
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Total Transformation

12 Month Program
  • This is a high-level intensive program for those who are serious about changing their lives and creating healthier habits for life.
  • Completely individualized program to focus on your needs
  • 24-bi-weekly sessions
  • 45 minutes each session
  • Phone/Skype
  • Email/texting support between sessions
  • Accountability
  • Custom Handouts
  • Written notes after each session
  • Recipes
  • Mindset shifts
  • Pantry cleanout for local clients*/Shopping cart review and improvement for others
  • Food prep demo and guide
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I understand the perils (and joys!) of a busy life that being a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and homemaker bring. I know you’re hardwired to take care of everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. I know you’re busy. You’re overwhelmed at times. You have so many things to do that the thought of even thinking about time for yourself makes you feel guilty despite the fact that you’re running on empty. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the exhaustion. I know what it feels like to lose yourself and to feel unfulfilled. I understand how hard it is to take time for you. And I also know you can’t keep going on like that.

You deserve to be happy and healthy. You deserve to live the life you want to live. You deserve to feel amazing and to enjoy life. Once you start taking care of your body and yourself, you will experience a more satisfying career, better relationships with family and friends and, most importantly, a better relationship with yourself.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive through 1:1 coaching:

  • Completely customized program to meet your needs
  • Goal-setting to keep you focused on what you’d like to accomplish
  • Accountability so that you stay on track toward reaching your goals
  • An increase in confidence
  • Mindset shifts
  • Feeling in control of your life
  • An increase in energy
  • Better sleep and feeling well-rested
  • Understanding how food and movement affect your body
  • New habits that support a healthier lifestyle